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And there you can found a beautiful city;)


            Yogyakarta is the most popular city in Indonesia with all of old notes, tourist destination, or typical food. This city is situated in the south central part of Java, with 3.185,80 km2
             Yogyakarta is located in 7,15o – 8,15o south latitude and a line 110,5o – 110,4o east longitude; with boundaries, the west is Purworejo, northwestrn is Magelang regency, northeastern is Klaten regency, eastrn of Wonogiri, and south of Indonesian Ocean.
             In Yogyakarta history, the named of Yogyakarta it self has been changed several times. First, in the Majapahit’s Kingdom it was named Mdang Bhuwi Mataram. Next, in Majapahit’s Empire changed Bhre Mataram. Last, in year 1945, Bhre Mataram changed Yogyakarta and become the capital of Indonesia.
            Yogyakarta has many tourist destinations, such as Shopping Centres like Malioboro’s Street, Sari Park, and Beringharjo’s Market. Many building, like Mataram Kingdom, Prambanan Tample, and Queen Boka Castle. Water touring like Tubing Pindul Cave with mistics story and Sundak Beach.
            This city has two typical foods that popular in Indonesia, it is Gudeg and Yangko. Gudeg is made from young jackfruit boiled for several hours with palm sugar and coconut milk. Yangko is made from sticky rice which has from square with bandage powder, elastic, and sweet taste.

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